17 January, 2007

30 November, 2006

Not much. But something...

Blog is currently being resurrected. Horrible arcane stuff is being used.

01 October, 2006

Not much really no.2

Really busy dear non-existent visitors and also have to keep Gnome's Lair alive. Should be back to Sam and Max blogging after November.... Apparently with a brand new blog layout too...

11 August, 2006

Not much really...

...just an interesting little Sam and Max related interview over at Firingsquad. Have a read.

22 July, 2006

Sam and Max: Season 1

Tidy little post title. Nice.

On to the serious stuff then, for the time of the next Sam and Max game(s) is nigh, as Telltale's series 1 should start hitting (in a very literal sense) PCs during Autumn 2006. Good news is you can have a look at brilliant 1up preview and a nice video feature. Then again, you could buy yourself the (overpriced) August issue of CVG and read pages upon pages on the Sam and Max glory, or just head over to the brilliant (+lovely +great +official) S&M website.

Other than that have a look at a few pretty -stolen- screenshots (source):

Oh dear.... My nipples explode with anticipation ....

20 July, 2006

Just some box-art. Really.

Guess where these came from...