30 November, 2006

Not much. But something...

Blog is currently being resurrected. Horrible arcane stuff is being used.

01 October, 2006

Not much really no.2

Really busy dear non-existent visitors and also have to keep Gnome's Lair alive. Should be back to Sam and Max blogging after November.... Apparently with a brand new blog layout too...

11 August, 2006

Not much really...

...just an interesting little Sam and Max related interview over at Firingsquad. Have a read.

22 July, 2006

Sam and Max: Season 1

Tidy little post title. Nice.

On to the serious stuff then, for the time of the next Sam and Max game(s) is nigh, as Telltale's series 1 should start hitting (in a very literal sense) PCs during Autumn 2006. Good news is you can have a look at brilliant 1up preview and a nice video feature. Then again, you could buy yourself the (overpriced) August issue of CVG and read pages upon pages on the Sam and Max glory, or just head over to the brilliant (+lovely +great +official) S&M website.

Other than that have a look at a few pretty -stolen- screenshots (source):

Oh dear.... My nipples explode with anticipation ....

20 July, 2006

Just some box-art. Really.

Guess where these came from...

12 July, 2006

Play it again Sam. Use a 'soundboard' (tm)!

Neil Cicierega is a very talented being. And a patient one. Giving too.

He also is the creator of the fabulous Sam and Max: The Soundboard, a really fantastic ... er ... Sam and Max soundboard, that makes all kinds of noises and features tons of audio clips from the Hit the Road game. Have a look. Click here.

09 July, 2006

Sam and Max vs. the Third Reich

Having already had fun with pirates and bikes Sam and Max just had to prove their anti-Nazi sentiments and their fierce devotion to progressive political thinking. In an interesting and admittedly drastic way. As expected.

08 July, 2006

Also sprach Steve...

These are the mighty fine scanned pages of a Steve Purcell interview found here (via this place). I've just resized two of the pics a bit, but only down to human readable size.

(On a side-note
1up's podcast and CGW should soon feature Sam and Max. According to Telltale at least...)

02 July, 2006

Guess what... another Sam and Max cartoon

Promptly following the Glazed McGuffin episode, here come Sam and Max vs. the Uglions from (extreme) outer space. Once again found in YouTube, once again posted here, once again by me - a gnome.

30 June, 2006

The Glazed McGuffin Affair

Simple as that... It's a full Sam and Max episode. Stay tuned kids, more to come.

28 June, 2006

The Renaissance only happened once

Revivals, on the other hand, were quite numerous, but that's not happening either. The great Steve Purcell sort-of-said that he isn't interested in reviving the Sam and Max comics, at least not fully and at least not just yet. Webcomics, helping out with the forthcoming Sam and Max (episodic) game seem to be almost enough, for a man whose Sam and Max passion is more than evident.

Anyway. Judge for yourselves. Read a nice article-interview-thingy over at Comic Book Resources.

21 June, 2006

That's nasty. But nice.

Found over at Dueling Analogs -a great site for a great webcomic.

19 June, 2006

Fun with Pirates!

The SCUMMBar, named after Ron Gilbert's Maniac Mansion interface, the scumm of the world and apparently bars, has just been raided. By me (a mere adventure-gaming gnome, with occasional pirate tendencies). In order to present you with this beautiful, hilarious and quite Monkey Island themed Sam and Max comic (via), that dared to appear in a Lucasarts Adventurer I don't have...

Oi! For further fun with S&M comics click here.

17 June, 2006

Telltale talk Sam and Max

Those holy people over at GameSetWatch have interviewed Dave Grossman, the big monk from the Telltale monastery. Can you guess the main subject of this nice interview?

Yes, Sam and Max it was. Have a read, it won't include any wanton destruction, but it will be on the interesting side.

Apparently, and quite unrelated to the interview, but definitely on the new game front, Telltale have also updated their spiffy Sam and Max comic generator. Click here and see it for yourselves..

13 June, 2006

The hidden Idol

The beautiful people of the House of Mojo have discovered something wonderful and -admittedly- stimulating. This:

12 June, 2006

Sam and Max: The non-walkthrough

There is (as the Voices are eager to point out) a category of games worthy of exhaustive play-throughs and paranoid exploration. There is also a category of games worth blogging about, and -this shouldn't come as a surprise to any of the 5 readers of the [admittedly unofficial] Sam & Max blog- Sam and Max Hit the Road fits comfortably in both categories.

Thankfully and rather fortunately too, a wise games' scholar has decided to list everything he could find in this bodacious 1994 LucasArts game, that has nothing to do with winning (unfortunately I've been quite busy blogging elsewhere to make my own list). Like for example stuff you can enjoy your silly little self with, right at the start of the game; at the Freelance Police Office, where:

"The TV works; fix it and you can see Mr. Ed.. Before picking up the blacklight, turn off the lights in the office. Now you can go use the blacklight to see Max's '60s posters. (Also note that the skull's eyes glow.) Use the dartboard; Sam will throw the darts and axe. Look at the roach farm, and Max will feed the roaches a sandwich. Better yet, try to use the sandwich; Max will say "Me! Me! Me!" and do it for you. If you've been away for awhile, the green light will be flashing on the answering machine. Use it to listen to the message; there are at least three messages. In the corridor: try going upstairs."

Fun, right? Find out more by clicking (right) on this time wasting little link. Or just watch the game's intro. Or read a comic.

10 June, 2006

What a difference a CD made

Hello, little buddies, look what I found over at the Lucasarts Museum. The Sam and Max Hit the Road CDs. Gasp!

The original PC-talkie CD

the Macintosh version CD

Kixx XL budget version CD

the only CD you'll be able to enjoy on your WinXP machine, without ScummVM

05 June, 2006

A quirky little "Hit the Road" intro

Or, to be more precise, the actual introductory scene of the first (and still only) Sam and Max adventure game ever to grace our planet. Screen-captured by an anonymous gamer (via). Let's bow to his greatness. Then watch and smile.

02 June, 2006

Full Throttle bikers

Seems as if the 8th issue of The Adventurer (the one featuring a certain Sam and Max voice-actors article) was all about Full Throttle. Even the S&M comic was influenced. Apparently, in a nice and rather franchise-blending way:

01 June, 2006

Freelance Police: The E3 trailer

Sam and Max: Freelance Police was supposed to be a great adventure. A game that would bring both Sam and Max kicking and screaming into the new millennium. Perhaps even revive the adventure genre. Apparently it didn't, as Lucasarts decided to simply kill the project. All that was left, was a bitter taste, some screenshots and an E3 trailer. Here's the later (via):

31 May, 2006

Hit the Road: Voice Talent

Ever cared about Bruno the Bigfoot? His voice sounded interesting? Perhaps you'd like to find out a bit on the voice-talent behind Lucasarts' Sam and Max: Hit the Road, but are missing the crucial 8th issue of the Adventurer? Despair no more! Just click (the following pic, that is...) and read.

Dum dum-dum DUMMM

This is the official opening post of the [admittedly unofficial] Sam & Max blog. Joy, oh Joy.


Well, the [admittedly unofficial] Sam & Max blog, is an aptly named, unofficial, fanboy Sam and Max blog, apparently dealing with all things Sam and Max. And it's got quite a bit of Sam and Max in it. Thus it's canine/rabbity-thing centered.

Major F.A.Q.

What kind of content can I expect from the [admittedly unofficial] Sam and Max blog?
Sam and Max content.

Such as?
Features on S&M comics, cartoons, fan-art, games (released or not), quite a few of scans and videos, as well as reviews, walkthroughs and easter eggs. And (of course) more.

Why in blog format?
Because it's really cheap. Free actually.

Will there be new Sam and Max games?
Hopefully, yes. A lot of them. By Telltale.

What was the name of the funniest adventure ever?
Monkey Island.

The second funniest?

Sam and Max: Hit the road.

Is there a God?


15 May, 2006

Categories will soon be available....

On the top of my wishlist for Blogger was support for categories or labels to organize my posts. Came across this service, www.labelr.com, that lets me do that seamlessly. Check it out.

a simple 'Sam and Max Hit the Road' screenshot

An absolute classic Sam and Max moment. Only, neither Sam nor Max are there... Still, it's the first post resembling an actual post in this petty blog. And that's what I call alliteration.

Wait for it....

Currently under construction...
Quite apparent, that.