22 July, 2006

Sam and Max: Season 1

Tidy little post title. Nice.

On to the serious stuff then, for the time of the next Sam and Max game(s) is nigh, as Telltale's series 1 should start hitting (in a very literal sense) PCs during Autumn 2006. Good news is you can have a look at brilliant 1up preview and a nice video feature. Then again, you could buy yourself the (overpriced) August issue of CVG and read pages upon pages on the Sam and Max glory, or just head over to the brilliant (+lovely +great +official) S&M website.

Other than that have a look at a few pretty -stolen- screenshots (source):

Oh dear.... My nipples explode with anticipation ....

20 July, 2006

Just some box-art. Really.

Guess where these came from...

12 July, 2006

Play it again Sam. Use a 'soundboard' (tm)!

Neil Cicierega is a very talented being. And a patient one. Giving too.

He also is the creator of the fabulous Sam and Max: The Soundboard, a really fantastic ... er ... Sam and Max soundboard, that makes all kinds of noises and features tons of audio clips from the Hit the Road game. Have a look. Click here.

09 July, 2006

Sam and Max vs. the Third Reich

Having already had fun with pirates and bikes Sam and Max just had to prove their anti-Nazi sentiments and their fierce devotion to progressive political thinking. In an interesting and admittedly drastic way. As expected.

08 July, 2006

Also sprach Steve...

These are the mighty fine scanned pages of a Steve Purcell interview found here (via this place). I've just resized two of the pics a bit, but only down to human readable size.

(On a side-note
1up's podcast and CGW should soon feature Sam and Max. According to Telltale at least...)

02 July, 2006

Guess what... another Sam and Max cartoon

Promptly following the Glazed McGuffin episode, here come Sam and Max vs. the Uglions from (extreme) outer space. Once again found in YouTube, once again posted here, once again by me - a gnome.