31 May, 2006


Well, the [admittedly unofficial] Sam & Max blog, is an aptly named, unofficial, fanboy Sam and Max blog, apparently dealing with all things Sam and Max. And it's got quite a bit of Sam and Max in it. Thus it's canine/rabbity-thing centered.

Major F.A.Q.

What kind of content can I expect from the [admittedly unofficial] Sam and Max blog?
Sam and Max content.

Such as?
Features on S&M comics, cartoons, fan-art, games (released or not), quite a few of scans and videos, as well as reviews, walkthroughs and easter eggs. And (of course) more.

Why in blog format?
Because it's really cheap. Free actually.

Will there be new Sam and Max games?
Hopefully, yes. A lot of them. By Telltale.

What was the name of the funniest adventure ever?
Monkey Island.

The second funniest?

Sam and Max: Hit the road.

Is there a God?



The Elderly said...

yeah and next your going to tell me theres no Santa

gnome said...

I've seen Santa!