12 June, 2006

Sam and Max: The non-walkthrough

There is (as the Voices are eager to point out) a category of games worthy of exhaustive play-throughs and paranoid exploration. There is also a category of games worth blogging about, and -this shouldn't come as a surprise to any of the 5 readers of the [admittedly unofficial] Sam & Max blog- Sam and Max Hit the Road fits comfortably in both categories.

Thankfully and rather fortunately too, a wise games' scholar has decided to list everything he could find in this bodacious 1994 LucasArts game, that has nothing to do with winning (unfortunately I've been quite busy blogging elsewhere to make my own list). Like for example stuff you can enjoy your silly little self with, right at the start of the game; at the Freelance Police Office, where:

"The TV works; fix it and you can see Mr. Ed.. Before picking up the blacklight, turn off the lights in the office. Now you can go use the blacklight to see Max's '60s posters. (Also note that the skull's eyes glow.) Use the dartboard; Sam will throw the darts and axe. Look at the roach farm, and Max will feed the roaches a sandwich. Better yet, try to use the sandwich; Max will say "Me! Me! Me!" and do it for you. If you've been away for awhile, the green light will be flashing on the answering machine. Use it to listen to the message; there are at least three messages. In the corridor: try going upstairs."

Fun, right? Find out more by clicking (right) on this time wasting little link. Or just watch the game's intro. Or read a comic.

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